Sunday, May 19, 2013

A few updates to the blog...changed from Rigid Heddle Weaving obsession to "Weaving" obsession, why?  Well now I am also obsessing on Navajo Rug weaving as well.  Will it ever end????? I hope not ;)

I built my first Navajo Rug Loom this weekend (pics soon).  I am following the lead of  Weaving With Beauty,  Master Navajo Rug weavers make up this group.  I would highly recommend the following purchase if you are interested in building a Navajo Rug Loom or will purchase one and want to know how to weave on it: Atł’óhí Binaaltsoos (The Weaver’s Book): How to Weave the Navajo Way   (scroll past calendar and you will see the book).  It is ONLY $18 with digital download pdf version (and all they currently are offering)  a password is included with your purchase that allows you to view instructional video that follows the book, shows you how to warp, weave, finish....An exceptional value!!!!


  1. Thank you for adding the "follow by email" option to your blog. I am really enjoying it.

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    1. Your blog really has great information - looking forward to seeing pictures!